Tuesday, February 12, 2008

La Via Campesina Message

NOUMINREN Youth Assembly

La Via Campesina congratulate the youth gathering of NOUMINREN as this is important occasion for our struggle as the farmer. NOUMINREN has actively involved in our struggle against neoliberalism and fight for farmer rights.

We see that the WTO, one of the main instruments of trade liberalization has been dying and has reached deadlock. But Free Trade Agreement and Economics Partnership Agreement/ FTA-EPAs are becoming the new face of people's exploitation.
Transnational corporations are definitely behind this strategy. TNCs are attempting to control natural resources such as land, sea, sky, water... They want to control those resources in order to be able to control all people needs.

The global warming, hunger, poverty increase all over the world, disaster hits most part of Asia which is most of the victim is the peasant, women and children. In developed country food are processing into energy while the food is need to feed human being.
We can see how important the role of youth as our “seed of hope” the neoliberal policies will only benefit few people while many will be in suffer. While G8 country will have summit in Hokkaido July this year, this is our opportunity to struggle and demand for food sovereignty, national policy should made for the interest of the people, without any intervention from other country. Food Sovereignty should be put in the heart of the negotiation.

La Via Campesina will be in Hokkaido with Japanese people and farmer and will be with the Japanese youth as our seed of hope. I wish you success with NOUMINREN Youth general assembly.

Globalize Struggle! And Globalize Hope!

In Solidarity,

Henry Saragih,
General Chairman of Serikat Petani Indonesia (SPI)
General Coordinator of La via Campesina